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Finder Fee -

Securing of funds and/or real estate***


F I N D E R ' S F E E A G R E E M E N T

(To Locate a Real Property &/or funding for same)

Date: ,20___. .

hereinafter referred to as ("Procurer"), or his agents, partners, fellow shareholders, associates, joint venturers, family members, et al, retains the services of FORTT EXCHEQUER INVESTMENTS hereinafter referred to as ("BROKER") to locate and/or negotiate on Procurer's behalf, the terms and conditions acceptable to Procurer for the purchase, leasing, funding and/or an option of real estate as herein described.


(1) To work Exclusively with "Broker" for the purchase and/or funding of the herein referenced real property as stipulated on page #3.

NOTE: THIS AGREEMENT ALSO COVERS ANY other REAL ESTATE &/or sources of funding SHOWN TO PROCURER, the names of which shall be added by the Broker to this Agreement.

(2) Not to contact the owner(s), principal(s) or tenant(s), nor to visit the investment property at anytime without specific approval from the BROKER.

Finder's Fee Agreement: Upon acquiring the real estate and/or funding of same through the efforts & sources of Fortt Exchequer Investments, Procurer agrees to pay one of the following Fees:

(1) a Finder Fee of $ , (2) % of funds received,

(2) a 10% fee of the gross sales price, or (4)

The final transaction may involve cash, letters of credit, loans, wrapping of loans, contracts, exchange or purchase of assets or stock, stock options, purchase options, charitable trusts, management agreements, leasing of assets, assumption of liabilities and/or personal or corporate guarantees on behalf of Seller or his affiliates or the Procurer for the real property. The total dollar value could be any single item listed above or a combination thereof: the combined total will be the final dollar amount from which the Finder's Fee will be computed. Procurer agrees to pay the Finder's Fee that shall be immedi-ately due and payable upon closing in Escrow of any real estate and/or funding that Broker had introduced Procurer to.

LEASING Finder's Fee: If the real property and/or business assets, owned by the business seller, are leased or rented to Procurer who shall also pay BROKER a Finder's Fee equal to 8% of the gross rental amount due over the entire lease term and renewals thereof.

PURCHASE AFTER EXPIRATION OF AGREEMENT: Should Procurer purchase, lease, rent and/or fund any of the real property within 36 months after BROKER has shown same or funding sources to, Procurer agrees to pay a Finder's to Broker Fee as provided for in this agree-ment.

ATTORNEY FEES: Should any suit be commenced to enforce the Broker's rights herein, in the event the Broker is successful, the Procurer agrees to pay the Broker the expenses connected therewith, including attorney's fees incurred. In the event of trial, or arbitration, the court shall fix the amount of the attorney fees.

RCW 18.86.050 Duties of a Buyer's Agent:

  1. Unless additional duties are agreed to in writing signed by a Buyer's agent, the duties of a Buyer's agent are limited to those set forth in RCW 18.86.030 and the following, which may not be waived except as expressly set forth in (e) of this subsection:

  1. To be loyal to the Buyer by taking no action that is adverse or detrimental to the Buyer's interest in a transaction;

  2. To timely disclose to the Buyer any conflicts of interest;

  3. To advise the Buyer to seek expert advice on maters relating to the transaction that are beyond the agent's expertise;

  4. Not to disclose any confidential information from or about the Buyer, except under subpoena or court order, even after termination of the agency relationship; and....

  5. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing after the Buyer's agent has complied the RCW 18.86.030(l) (f), to make a good faith and continuous effort to find a property for the, except that a Buyer's agent is not obligated to:

(i) Seek additional properties to purchase while the Buyer is a party to an existing contract to Purchase; or (ii) show properties as to which thee is no written agreement to pay compensation to the Buyer's agent.

  1. (a) The showing of a property in which a Buyer is interested to other prospective Buyers by a Buyer's agent does not in and of itself breach the duty of loyalty to the Buyer or create a conflict of interest.

  1. The representation of more than one Buyer by different licensees affiliated with the same broker in competing transactions involving the same property does not in and of itself breach the duty of loyalty to the Buyers or create a conflict of interest.

Note that Broker is not engaged in offering legal, accounting, or other professional services for which outside counsel should be sought.


NOTE: Normally, the Seller customarily pays the selling commission. The purpose of this Finder Fee Agreement, however, is to enable Broker to share with a prospective Procurer real estate which he does not have listed and financing of projects, because Broker cannot list every real property that he is aware of which may be for sale. However, Broker agrees not to accept compensation from a Seller, Lessor, Optionor, Lender or any other Broker unless this fact is fully disclosed to the Procurer in writing prior to closing. If, however, the Procurer circumvents Fortt Exchequer Investments by negotiating directly with the Seller, Lender or another Broker for any real property which he has been introduced to by Fortt Exchequer Investments, Procurer agrees to pay any applicable Finder's Fee as herein stated in this Agreement.



X X (Procurer) (Procurer)


After approving this agreement, Broker agrees to write in name(s) of Business, Lender and/or real estate which will be shown to him/her:

Procurer is Representing:

Procurer's Full Name:

Procurer's Address:

City: State:


Phone #s &

(Business/Building Description or Specific Business Name)

Building/Funding #1.

Building/funding #2.

Building/funding #3.

Building/funding #4.


Fortt Exchequer Investments X

(Thomas A. Fortt, President -

Fortt Business Sales, Inc.)

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